What Online Dating Techniques Look Like In Real Life

“The modern phenomenon of online dating seems to come complete with its own unwritten rules of technique. The crew at P.C.R.M. Productions have imagined what would happen if these mannerisms were applied in a real-life romantic situation. Written and directed by Steven Gandolfo, this tongue-in-cheek film features wacky usernames, notification tones and amusing, not-so-deep conversations.” –Storyful

Written and Directed by
Steven Gandolfo

Filmed and Edited by
Jason Taylor

Nick Reeves
Stephanie Hinck

Victoria Stevens
Ashley Stewart
Karl Stafford
Jared Kornfeld
Mike Koller
Zane L'Erario
Mike Sasso
Marcos Jordan
Ben Carlisle
Ty Miller
Sean McMonagle
Josh Kosh
A. Das Baron
Thomas Foy

Special Thanks To:
The Piazza at Schmidt's
Gunner's Run
Euphoria Cafe
The International House of Philadelphia
The Pizzis

Music composed and performed by
Foster Longo and Bensound

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