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Forest is a twenty-something neurotic stumbling through his daily routines. He has his reality, his social media life, and the fantasy of both co existing in his head. His therapist can only do so much, and his girlfriend Mel isn’t quite the appreciative type. The only one who seems to understand Forest is Amber, the girl he routinely follows through Facebook. Only problem, they’ve never actually met. Is the online girl of his dreams too good to be true? Life can be a click away…

Writen and Directed by
Steven Gandolfo

Daniel Imperiale
Jessie Bennett
Tim Flanagan
Anat Eshel
Bertha Cartwright
Emily Knitter
Mike Koller
John Pizzi
Larry Jansen
Sandra Landers Turner

Filmed and Edited by
Jason Taylor

Original Score by
Huey McBanjo

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