Who says imaginary friends are only for children? Meet Peter Bernardi, an average young male, whose imaginary friend, "Rockatis", has plagued him since childhood. As an adult, Peter is still dealing with the day in, day out antics of Rockatis. So much so, that he can't hold a steady job or even land a girlfriend! He lives with his younger, under achieving brother Clint, the only one who accepts Peter for who he really is. Will Peter ever be able to fully shake his seemingly unshakable fictional friend?


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Forest is a twenty-something neurotic stumbling through his daily routines. He has his reality, his social media life, and the fantasy of both co existing in his head. His therapist can only do so much, and his girlfriend Mel isn't quite the appreciative type. The only one who seems to understand Forest is Amber, the girl he routinely


Dinner Date With Herman

Bob takes the words of a Self-help guru a little too far and makes a meal to die for.


Strange Travels

When Ed Doow heads for Hollywood to visit his workaholic girlfriend, he finds himself on an unexpected adventure.


What Online Dating Techniques Look Like In Real Life

The modern phenomenon of online dating seems to come complete with its own unwritten rules of technique. The crew at P.C.R.M. Productions have imagined what would happen if these mannerisms were applied in a real-life romantic situation.

A Stroll Down 7th

A Stroll Down 7th

Follow Todd as he navigates his way to work through the circus we call South Philadelphia.