P.C.R.M. Productions is a film production company that delivers original content in the realm of film/short film, web videos, documentary, commercial, and experimental. Originating in Philadelphia, PA and newly based in Los Angeles, CA, our goal is to develop entertainment brimming with fresh ideas and thought provoking stories that tickle the funny bone and pull at the heartstrings.

P.C.R.M. Productions has been featured on such sites as; Storyful, AOL, Yahoo News UK, Australia, Japan, Huffington Post, MSN, Live Leak, Dailymotion, BuzzFeed and many more.

His own story began where most would have ended. Like many young artists, Steve needed a shove to get his career going. Unlike most though, his came in the form of a hit-and-run driver. After two weeks in a coma, two months of in-patient therapy and another two years on the couch, Steve decided it was time to stop dying and start living his dream. That’s when he founded P.C.R.M. Productions, originally based in Philadelphia and currently residing in Los Angeles.

Steve Gandolfo